Barkie (multi-functional head buff type)

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Barkies are a seamless tubes of high-tech microfiber that can be worn tons of different ways depending on the activity or weather. This truly multi-functional gear is perfect for all athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.  The fabric has 19+ UV protection and easily wicks away sweat keeping you cool, or warm if need be!

HEAT Keeps the body cool by wicking moisture to the top layer where it can evaporate. Under a bike helmet a Barkie keeps sweat from running into your eyes. Barkies have a 19+UV rating and Sleeves have a 20+ UV rating. Fill with ice, roll up & keep the neck cool.  SAND & DIRT: Barkies can be pulled up around your mouth and nose to keep out particles so you can breathe deeply and keep moving. SUDDEN SHOWERS:  They happen, be prepared.  A warm day can turn into a chilly challenge as you speed downhill.  A Barkie worn over the head, around the neck or under your helmet can make all the difference. Put on your sleeves for another layer of warmth. VISIBILITY:  Hair in the face is a drag.  Use your Barkie as a scrunchie, headband, hairband or bandana to stay focused and keep your eyes on where you need to go.

COLD: On crisp fall days and clear winter mornings, it’s important to stay warm while not overheating. In the cold microfiber performs like a second skin to help protect and insulate your head, neck and arms plus wicking away moisture to keep off the chill. SNOW & SLEET: Ever had the joy of snow trickling down the back of your neck?  Not anymore.  A Barkie worn around the neck helps keeps you dry. As a balaclava nothing is getting in! WIND CHILL: Not good. Most heat loss happens around the neck and head.  Worn around your neck or under your helmet as a cap or do-rag keeps the chill away. Sleeves on your arms provide another layer of protection.

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